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Logistic Flow

APe has since 2002 worked with suppliers in both Europe and China. It has given us a good understanding of different business cultures around the world. Our specific knowledge is the basis of our well-established supply chain, where we can meet the demand for zero-defect manufacturing. In our effort for zero defects, all components of the logistics chain are of equal value.

APe has trained staff on site at production facilities in order to control the process and enable the flow of information to customers. Communication is ongoing through APe Toolbox Management. Finished products are delivered to APe warehouse and logistics center APe MCS is located in Malmö. All incoming goods are inspected to ensure all technical requirements. APe MCS also gives us the ability to offer temporary storage solutions for our customers. The last part of the Apes logistics chain is the delivery to and acceptance by the customer. As the responsibility for final inspection lies with the customer, it is important to manage processes in a continuous flow. Feedback is an important factor to APe to maintain zero-defect manufacturing and give our customers a competitive advantage.