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APe Business Idea

Engineering Company Allan Persson's business ides is to provide the industry with process -assured manufacturing using our own quality APe QAS technical tools.

A reliable partner

Engineering company Allan Persson (APe), established in 1958, has for decades provided Swedish industry with casted and forged technology products, from its own logistics center in Malmö. Over the years APe has evolved to become a system supplier, which means we have the opportunity to be involved all the way from prototypes to serial delivery. Not only does this contribute to a complete product lifecycle, it provides security and reduces cost for our customers.

High level Quality assurance

Our customers have high quality standards and our goal is to meet those requirements by providing zero-defect products. For this reason, we have developed a quality assurance system: APe Quality Assurance System (QAS). QAS was originally developed to meet the high requirements placed on suppliers in the automotive and railway industries. Nowadays, it contributes to an increased level of quality in many more industries.
To allow us, our customers and suppliers to evaluate the quality assurance in real time, we developed a web-based application, APe Toolbox Management TM. Toolbox Management enables the control necessary to regulate the lifecycle of our products and to avoid time-consuming and costly errors.