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A Quality System with a zero defect approach

In the effort to prevent errors APe has worked for over 15 years using our own quality assurance system, APe Quality Assurance System (APe QAS). A system containing a varierity of technical tools to guide the work process towrds zero defect-manufacturing.
The quality assurance process of a technical product is divided into different parts. Before preparation of samples a careful consideration of all technical documentations, such as drawings, product standards and product history, is performed in cooperation with the customer. After a careful examination of the technical documentation a PQAP (Part Quality Assurance Plan) is performed in cooperation with the supplier, where the FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), flow charts and inspectation plan is formulated. When the samples are completed, they are sent together with the related documents, including chemical reports, heat treatment diagrams and measurement protocols from 3D measurement for customer approval.
By using APe QAS you follow a process that is based on testing, simulating and documenting the entire process of producing a technical product before production starts. This means that throughout the entire process it can be controlled, errors can be minimized and adjustments can be made that otherwise would be time-consuming and costly. This results in shorter lead times, higher quality and faster product implementation, which can be crucial for product success on the market.